Crotech Instruments Limited
DC Power Supply
Crotech Instruments Limited is UK based company manufacturing Test & Measurement Instruments, Power Supplies, High Power AC Systems, High Power DC Systems & Custom Built Products.
Crotech is managed by company bred professionals and owes its technological leadership to its Engineers and Business Managers who are backed by a dedicated work force of over 600 people.
Crotech’s primary strength comes from its field proven Design and Development skill. Crotech has several state-of-the-art products meeting International quality and safety standards, such as UL, VDE etc. It is today the OEMs source of such products for several British, American & German distributors.
Crotech enjoys the highest reputation in world for product quality, business integrity and innovative Engineering. Quality at Crotech is the top priority.
Test & Measurement Instruments
UPS Systems
DC Systems
P.O. Box 2339, 47, Reading, Berskhire, RG30 3YA, U.K.   Tel. : +44(0) 118 3753242   Fax : +44(0) 118 9583279
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Crotech Instruments Limited - Specialists in reliable High Power AC Systems in UK and High Power DC Systems in UK. Find best High Power DC Systems in UK and High Power AC Systems in UK from and
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